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To some degree or one other, shaving is part of life for a lot of people. Whether or not it’s your face, head, legs, armpits or elsewhere, safety razors are virtually always better than cartridge-based shavers. But if you’re not used to safety razors, they are often intimidating. Regardless of their harmful appearance, however, they'll usually offer a safer, closer, cheaper shave than their cartridge-based mostly counterparts.

Have you ever shaved with a cartridge-based mostly, multi-bladed razor and found some areas were shaved smooth, but other areas still had stubble? Between the plastic housing and multiple blades, a cartridge razor creates many various points of contact along with your face. It may be troublesome to know you’re maintaining an even balance and pressure just by really feel alone. Many cartridge razors try to mitigate this with pivoting heads, which may help, but they nonetheless can provide users less direct management over the place the razors are hitting and with how much pressure—which can result in those stubbly patches.

Picture sitting on a stool with 4 legs of slightly different lengths. You would seemingly balance on three of the legs while one hovers slightly above the ground. That’s much like what can happen while shaving with a multi-bladed cartridge: One half is hovering slightly above the place it should be, which doesn’t make for a close shave.

Safety razors additionally permit for more precise shaving. Cartridge-based blades have anyplace between two and 7 blades (yes, seven) and wrap their razors in plastic buffers. Have you ever ever tried to shave a clean line with a multi-bladed cartridge? Not only do the lubrication strips obfuscate where first razor really begins, it’s really simple to overshoot and wind up with a small notch in an otherwise neatly groomed line.

It’s certainly doable, however it can feel just like the "earlier than" scenario in a commercial that’s about to show you a greater way. Since safety razors have just a single razor that stands proud, it’s simpler to each see and really feel where you’re about to shave. It’s very straightforward to gently line up the blade exactly where you need it to be, leading to smoother, straighter, and more consistent lines.

One of many clearest ways in which safety razors show their superiority is regarding razor burn, the persistent irritation caused by shaving. Based on many various sources and plenty of personal expertise, this irritation could be exacerbated by several factors, together with shaving the identical space repeatedly, shaving with a blunt blade, shaving too close or with an excessive amount of pressure, or shaving with an unclean blade.

It’s straightforward to see why the design of a multi-bladed razor cartridge would possibly make a few of these problems worse. For starters, a number of blades means a single stroke drags multiple razors throughout the identical space by default. Having to re-shave an area only exacerbates the problem.

Figuring out in case your blade is boring may also be more difficult with a cartridge. The wear between the blades probably won’t be even, and it can be hard to inform one of the blades is a bit uninteresting when the other one can still cut. This can result in raking your face with one dull razor and one sharp one, or misjudging the appropriate pressure, leading to nicks, cuts, and razor burn.

The truth is, feeling nervous is not only natural, it’s actually an important place to begin: It means you understand you’re dealing with a very sharp implement and are more prone to take appropriate warning as you get used to your new shave. When you’re beginning out overconfident, likelihood is you’ll fairly quickly cut your self back down to size. It’s best to go slowly and let the burden of the razor add the pressure for you. You’ll quickly get used to the feel.

Actually, once you recover from the initial squeamishness and feel more confident in your shaving, you’ll begin to understand how safety razors truly feel loads less scary to make use of than cartridge-primarily based razors. You could have so much more control over your shave with a safety razor. There’s no uncertainty or guesswork: You feel precisely where the razor is and it shaves exactly the place it feels prefer it’s shaving. It’s a more precise tool, like switching from a paint roller to a brush.

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