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The first time I got a pencil drawing images wallpaper (pencildrawingeasy.wordpress.com), I threw it in and said, I'm going to look at you and say, "How have you done that?" And I said, Oh my God. I was just really happy with the pencil, thinking, oh. you know, it was just amazing. But what was really really impressive though was it was this beautiful piece of art that you could just draw straight from your pencil to your desk and just really make a statement. And in the book, when you just go to all of these places where people are talking about doing this, and it just felt amazing, and the feeling of the whole thing wasn't just great, like it was all so very simple.

It's a pleasure to know a publisher and a artist that have really spent 10 years working with me because that was one of the things that really brought me here in the early years.

I loved making music for my wife and children. Music is art.

Well, thank you.

We discussed the album after that. And I think it would be really cool to get people to think more about the music. We have to do music in new ways.

A couple of songs came out. I don't remember how exactly one came into play, but it was a big, heavy, strong hit.

I think it was very funny about all the songs. You can't really explain what it was. The album felt like it was written and recorded by us, so we had to come up with an arrangement. I don't know if the arrangement felt very like an album, but it was. And we were doing it really early on and thinking about how we wanted to present ourselves at the time. And there were so many songs that were just so close to how we wanted the song to come together and feel. It was kind of like a way to get your head around the art.

It was just a bit of a struggle.

I think it was just like taking a little bit of the pain of being old. Not really talking about it at all to get to the moment of writing a song and how far you've come down this road, because we had to go to a really different time.

The album came out a day after we started The Black Rose.

Yeah, that's right. I would've done a lot of cover art for the album! I think we were done all together. We were just like, "Here, come